Ultra Intense Hyaluronic Age Repair Cream 50ml

Ultra Intense Hyaluronic Age Repair Cream 50ml

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luxury facial care for demanding skin. Super antioxidants make the skin feel firm and smooth and can support cell renewal. The natural hyaluronic acid has an intensive moisturizing effect. A composition of unique functional ingredient complexes for daily use and timeless beauty.

Ideal For

All  Skin Types

How To Use

Apply the face cream in the morning and evening on the cleansed and toned face. For daily use.


AGNUS CASTUS (CHASTE TREE) | Phyto-endorphin, harmonizing
ROSEMARY | Super Antioxidant, clarifying, activating, slightly astringent
POMEGRANATE | age prevention, smoothing, firming, effective against wrinkles, skin-refining
GUGGUL (INDIAN MYRRH) | skin-protecting, soothing, supports cell renewal
BAOBAB | super antioxidant, improves the elasticity of the skin, makes the skin feel firm and smooth
RHODIOLA ROSEA (ROSE ROOT) | activating, strengthening, adaptogen, antioxidant, cell-protecting
NATURAL HYALURONIC ACID | provides intensive moisture, can cushion wrinkles
ULVA HYDRATION | stimulates collagen synthesis, modeling, protecting, firming, smoothing
INCENSE | soothing, age prevention

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