Perfect V Lifting Premium Eye Mask

Perfect V Lifting Premium Eye Mask

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No need to stick on, just stretch and pull around the under-eye area. Using patented fabric that removes wrinkles, this eye patch, which boasts its advanced elasticity and resilience, lifts the corner of the eye wrinkles. The hydrogel using stabilized production methods is easily absorbed into the skin due to Avajar's special technology.


Ideal For

All Skin Type and those with concerns of reducing wrinkles around the delicate eye area


How To Use
To ensure the product is absorbed into the skin, refrain from applying any other product to this area beforehand
Start applying from the inner corner of the under-eye area
Stretch and move across to the far side of the under-eye area
Relax for 30 minutes
Remove gently avoiding to pull on the mask


Purified water, glycerin, dipropyleme glycol, agar, sodium polyacrylate, polyacrylic acid, denatured alcohol, xanthan gum, cellulosic gum, disodium eddie, phosphatidylcholine, tartaric acid, adenosine, tocopheryl, hydrolyzed collagen, glutinin, aluminum glycinate, sodium hyaluronate, caffeine, cetyl, hexanoate



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