The Next Best Thing In Skincare!

Glowing skin first, make-up second? Or so the saying goes!

Whatever it may be, women throughout the centuries have always been in search of glowing, healthy skin. Will our desire and quest for luminous skin ever go away? I doubt it, glowing and luminosity is synonymous with good health and happiness. I believe we are more than just our skin but given as it’s the largest organ in the body, we need to take great care of it...when we look good, we most certainly feel good!

My desire for clear, glowing skin goes back for as long as I can remember. Truth be told, it was well after I had my first child that I finally called truce on my skin. I developed a skin care routine paging through glossy magazines introducing me to Korean Beauty products, famously referred to as K Beauty. While K Beauty and those gorgeously branded products have taken the world by storm, this beauty routine is the norm of the South Korean culture. South Korean women and men alike are from a young age taught the routine; for them looking after their skin is very much a ritual and not just a responsibility.

 So how did the K beauty routine enter the western world and why is it such a phenomenon?

It all started with the growing popularity of K drama, then K POP in the west which then created a bigger stage which increased the awareness of K Beauty products. Who can forget Pys and Gangnam Style!!  Watch any K Drama series or K POP band and you will see why K Beauty has become such a hit. In the west, women longed for that luminous, glowing skin, barely their make-up; fresh faced skin Korean celebrities showcased. Curiosity created a demand, the demand blossomed so much so that the South Korean government continues to invest a staggering amount into research and technology when it comes to skincare and cosmetics. The country has no real natural resources of its own. No oil, no gas or even minerals. It is very small, about twelve times smaller than South Africa.  K Beauty products have now become the biggest export for South Korea, alongside other famous Korean exports such as Samsung, LG and Hyundai-Kia. Korean products, especially skin care, are the most high-tech out there by pretty much every cosmetic brand currently in the market. Further-more the South Korean beauty industry is about 10-12 years ahead of the rest of the world. Take for example BB and CC Creams, both were developed and started in South Korea and adopted by the western world, sheet mask is another example of a trend that started with K Beauty and has inspired big brands like L'Oréal, Revlon to name but a few!

Primarily K beauty routine/regime is very different from our own, here in South Africa. The routine is aimed at health, hydration and nourishment, so that the skin looks amazing without make-up. This stems from a 7 -12 step method and layering of skincare products from the thinnest consistency to the thickest. Consumers' became interested, fascinated even, piqued by the colourful packaging, as well as the reviews, demonstrations on Instagram and YouTube. This generated the phenomenon and the need for more products.

So how does this all play out for us ladies here in SA? I do feel that until very recently a huge majority of South African women, played it cautious and became very wary of new brands that entered the market, reluctant even to try new skincare potions. This trend is starting to change. Ok, so I don’t see that South African consumers will ever use 7-12 skincare products daily, I don’t even think that’s realistic. I do feel that we can utilize bits and pieces from the K Beauty regime after all it takes effort to have flawless, glowing skin but it most definitely should also be fun, relaxing and rewarding.

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