Shopping Safely During The Pandemic

If like me, Lock down (any level) leaves you feeling restless during the early hours of the morning, when the urge to reach towards that blinking green light is overwhelmingly strong, so that you can research (I mean buy) the must have skincare or self-care product, and it’s only until your click “pay” that you fall blissfully into a deep sleep, then welcome to the club!

But what protocols do you follow once the door bell rings and the courier is at your door with your package?

With social-distancing and self-isolation becoming the norm during the coronavirus pandemic, online shopping in South Africa has increased tenfold. The latest report suggests that 68% of South Africans are shopping online to avoid the crowds.

With this in mind, we find it important to reiterate how we, at, YOUR BEAUTY BOX, receive our shipments and how we fulfil your order.

Once we receive our consignment, international or local order, unopened shipment boxes are left in the warehouse for 24 hours before it is touched and contents checked. Only then, do I proceed to open the shipment and check the order using gloves. Outer shipment packaging is discarded and stock is left for a couple of days before it is placed in its rightful space, awaiting fulfilment.

Orders are packaged at 3 hourly intervals ready for 2 courier collections during the day, Monday through to Friday. As the process of picking and packaging only involves one person, myself, it makes it easy for gloves to be worn when picking items, packaging, sealing and getting your package courier collection ready. So, while I know that we have done all we can to ensure your order is packaged in a sterile environment with no cross contamination, the outer courier bag your online order is delivered in, won’t be sterile, by the time the package gets to your door.

This packaging has probably come in contact with at least 4 other individuals and several other packages along the way, which is of concern. The CDC reports that there is a very low risk of spread of the virus from products and or packaging but caution is advised to ensure we all protect ourselves by following a few simple procedures when accepting your online delivery.

Our courier service provider will always ask for a signature as proof of delivery. Unless your package is delivered at a front desk/receptionist/concierge, we suggest that you keep a pen nearby to sign for your delivery and always wear a mask when doing so. This is as much to keep you safe as it is to keep the driver safe. Once the courier bag is in your possession, open the courier bag immediately and discard accordingly, place our branded package in a designated area, wash/sanitize your hands and then proceed to check that you order is correct.

We know it can be super exciting to receive packages, now more then ever, as we are confined at home and not frequenting shopping malls as we previously did, but be mindful, if just for a minute when you open the door to your order, that your cautiousness is to protect all those you hold close to your heart.…Happy, Safe, Shopping!

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