Cellular Turnover And Why It's Important To Keep Moving

July 14, 2019

 So a few weeks ago I came across this really interesting micro blog regarding cellular turnover and it got me thinking! While the info might be common knowledge to some, there are still many thousands of women, young and old that struggle with skin conditions that may be caused by a slow cellular turnover rate. In the months to follow my blogs will lead into knowing your AHA's from your BHA's (to name a few) and why these are so good for the skin. In the meantime, I hope this blog will pique your interest into having a skin regime you can love and enjoy. We have several items in our store with the ingredients listed below, if you need guidance or advise don't hesitate to contact us.


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What is cellular turnover?
This is the process of new healthy youthful skin cells making their way to the surface of the skin then shedding off. As these skin cells move to the surface they become dry, rough and flaky. This is what we commonly refer to as dead skin cells. Fortunately, as these cells arrive at the surface, new skin cells are pushing their way up from beneath. While it’s a constant cycle, as we age this process slows down and is called cellular turnover rate. This is also why kids have such gorgeous plump looking skin = fast cellular turn over! (Refer to the  graphic to see rate by age.)
Slower cellular turnover rate means skin can look dull as well as the formation of wrinkles, deep and fine lines. It’s also been found to not be as efficient in people with acne. Those dead skin cells can become trapped and block the excretion of P. Acnes Bacteria and sebum that are produced within the skin resulting in a blackhead or pimple.
Factors that slow this process:
• The natural aging process first and foremost
• Smoking
• Too much sun exposure
• Pollution
• Hormones
• Nutrition
• Illness/Stress
How can I boost cellular turnover?
• Antioxidants + SPF - vitamin C, E, ferric acid, resveratrol, etc. (Environmental free radicals slow this process!)
• AHA - specifically glycolic acid
• BHA - great for acne/blackhead prone
• Professional strength peels
• Fruit Enzymes
• Alpha Lipoic Acid
• Retinoids & Bakuchiol - THE gold standard in cell-communicating ingredients!
• Eat anti-inflammatory foods & avoid the foods that cause it like SUGAR - what you eat affects all the cells in your body!


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